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Michael Kors has a perception problem, especially in terms of accessories. Selling expensive handbags is usually a bit of a paradox; a brand has to sell an adequate amount of these to maintain its profits and please investors while still making consumers feel as if they can be buying something that’s a minimum of a bit rare and aspirational, as soon as a brand name reaches a particular reason for critical mass, the only real direction because of it to go is down. Even though bags are objectively attractive, fashion’s classism rears its ugly head when people of more modest means learn to acquire status markers that had been once inaccessible to them.

If you combine that with an item mix that’s allowed to get a bit stale, fashion shoppers get very skittish, which can be, inside my mind, a good assessment of what’s happened with public thought of michael kors factory outlet during the last couple years. The emblem hung on to things such as logo charms and chunky gold hardware a tad too long, and this, combined with the brand’s aspirational-but-not-astronomical price point, made the bags appear like yesterday’s news.

MMK is an important brand that wants to please its customers, though, therefore i figured it wouldn’t be well before the brand’s handbag line tightened up and debuted some styles that felt fresh and relevant. Thankfully, I used to be right, and also the Pre-Fall 2016 bags from MICHAEL Michael Kors produce wish for what’s in the future. Most of the new styles have ditched the familiar metallic cheapichael and big hardware for any sleeker, cleaner, more modern aesthetic–they’re the kinds of bags that a lot of women would be proud to hold to function, and many of them are even free from the familiar gold-lettered Kors branding.

One thing the latest MMK bags do retain, thankfully, is the brand’s accessible price point. Look at the best new arrivals below or shop the total lineup via Neiman Marcus. If you’re an old school Kors fan and want the logos and charms, don’t worry–there’s still a great amount of that going on this coming year.