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Important information about procedures for opening a new prepaid card account. To aid the us government fight the funding of terrorism and money laundering activities, federal law requires all financial institutions to acquire, verify, and record information that identifies every person who opens an account. What this means for you: When you open a prepaid card account, we may require your company name, address, date of birth, Social Security Number, tax identification number and other information that will allow us to identify you. We might also ask to see your driver’s license or some other identifying documents.

Is my ALINE Card ready to use when I receive it? No. For the protection, you will have to go to or call 1.877.237.4321 to activate your ALINE Card. You will have to select a PIN (personal identification number) once you activate your Card. By activating the ALINE Card, you are agreeing towards the terms and conditions within the Cardholder Agreement.

When can i see my pay loaded onto my new ALINE Card? Allow as much as three weeks after card activation for your pay to start to get loaded onto your new ALINE Card. To determine if your pay continues to be put into your new Card, you can view your balance on the FREE mobile app, the cardholder website at, or by contacting Cardholder Services at 1.877.237.4321.

Should i contact my employer about my new ALINE Card? If your employer enrolled you for the ALINE Card, you may not must call your employer. In cases like this, you only have to activate your brand-new ALINE Card to be able to start receiving your wages onto it. Should you enrolled yourself for the ALINE Card from the mobile app, you should provide your employer with your routing and account numbers once you’ve activated your ALINE Card. Your employer needs this information so that you can direct your wages on to your ALINE Card. You can access your routing and account numbers on the mobile app or on

Can I request another ALINE Card to get a spouse or trusted family member? Yes. Log in your account at or call Cardholder Services at 1.877.237.4321 to acquire information and adding a secondary cardholder to your account. You and also all secondary cardholders must pass a validation process. If you and all of secondary cardholders pass the validation process, you together with the secondary cardholders share the same pool of funds. Each person has full and immediate accessibility joint balance on the ALINE Card.

Is definitely the ALINE Card a credit card? No. The adp aline is really a reloadable Visa® or MasterCard® prepaid debit card-not a charge card. It does not build credit rating. Each pay period, your employer automatically loads your pay to the ALINE Card. Each time you utilize the ALINE Card, the acquisition amount is deducted from the amount of money available on the ALINE Card. Does my ALINE Card earn interest? No. Interest will not be earned on or applied to the ALINE Card balance.

What should I do if my ALINE Card is lost, stolen or damaged? You ought to report the lost, stolen or damaged ALINE Card to Cardholder Services immediately and so the ALINE Card may be deactivated. Cardholder Services may be reached at 1.877.237.4321. We will cancel your ALINE Card and transfer the funds to an alternative ALINE Card that might be brought to you. You may receive one lost/stolen replacement ALINE Card for no charge ($) per calendar year sent regular U.S. mail for no charge ($). After the one replacement card at no charge ($) or for expedited delivery, a fee may apply, so please visit your Cardholder Fee Schedule. If you wish to get into your funds just before receiving your replacement card, please ask the representative to authenticate an ALINE Check by ADP® which has to be made payable to yourself for the full available balance. The ALINE Check can be found in your original ALINE Card Welcome Kit.

When the ALINE Check is authenticated, the representative will provide you with the precise available balance along with your 6-digit authentication number, that you simply must record on the check. Funds for that check will immediately be deducted out of your ALINE Card balance to permit payment when presented (you CANNOT alter the check amount or even the check is going to be returned). If you do not have available balance on your own ALINE Card, your request to authenticate the check will be declined. Please be aware: because you have an activated ALINE Card, it is possible to ONLY use the ALINE Check if your ALINE Card has been reported lost or stolen and you also need usage of your funds just before receiving your replacement card. No fees is going to be charged for replacing a lost or stolen ALINE Check or putting a stop payment of your authenticated ALINE Check after authentication. To cancel or place a stop payment upon an ALINE Check once it has been authenticated, please call Cardholder Services at 1.877.237.4321. It is possible to request additional checks by visiting or by calling Cardholder Services.

Will there be fraud protection with all the ALINE Card? Yes. Signature-based transactions that qualify are protected by Visa or MasterCard’s Zero Liability Policy. Visa’s and MasterCard’s Zero Liability Policy provides protection hdquhu unauthorized purchases. Other restrictions may apply. You might also have other protections under applicable law, including Regulation E. Please reference the Cardholder Agreement you received using the ALINE Card, view the Cardholder Agreement on the FREE mobile app and at, or request a duplicate by calling 1.877.237.4321. 9. That do I call with questions about the ALINE Card? Most questions regarding the ALINE Card and information on transactions made with the ALINE Card may be answered from the cardholder website at To reach Cardholder Services regarding your ALINE Card, please call 1.877.237.4321.

This number is also printed on the back of your ALINE Card. 10. Can I be charged any fees using the ALINE Card? Yes. There is a charge for using certain features on your own ALINE Card. Please reference your Cardholder Fee Agenda for applicable usage fees. You are able to view your ALINE Card Fee Schedule anytime on the FREE mobile app and also at You may also contact Cardholder Services by calling 1.877.237.4321 to speak to an agent or even to request a copy of your Cardholder Fee Schedule be brought to you. 11. Are funds loaded to the ALINE Card FDIC insured? Yes. The amounts that you load on the ALINE Card are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (“FDIC”) as much as the maximum amount provided by applicable law. 12. Will my ALINE Card expire? Yes. Your ALINE Card comes with an expiration date but your funds do not expire. Please evaluate the front of your ALINE Card to see your expiration date. Just before your current ALINE Card expiring, a brand new ALINE Card will likely be delivered to your address on file.

I received a non-personalized ALINE Card from my employer, how do i obtain a personalized ALINE Card with my name embossed on the Card? You can also get yourself a personalized ALINE Card with your name embossed on the card in the event you request and they are approved to get your routing and account numbers. When you activate the non-personalized ALINE Card, you can immediately log on to create-up your account at and select “Add More Income Options” so that you can add funds from multiple employers and sources like your annual tax refund, government benefits, and child support payments.