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Amscot Financial is an American financial services company headquartered in Tampa, Florida. Founded in 1989 by Ian MacKechnie, Amscot Financial gives non-bank consumer financial services via a network of retail branches located exclusively within Florida. Amscot’s core services include check cashing, bill payment, prepaid access cards, short-term payday loans, free money orders, Automatic teller machines in every branch, wire transfers, notary services, fax services, and postage. Amscot Financial works nearly 240 branch locations in the Tampa Bay, Orlando and Miami media markets.

Amscot Financial, a respected provider of convenient, consumer-oriented financial services, recently awarded mini-grants of $100 to $3,500 to support 20 different non-profit service organizations found in the Florida communities where the company serves several million consumers. “There are extremely many individuals out there facing steep challenges in life with hardly any help,” says Ian MacKechnie, Founder and CEO of “By supporting these organizations we’re in a position to pitch in and help change that.”

Amscot has joined in support of the Children’s Safety Village of Central Florida, a not-for-profit organization that teaches children safety and also has a mini city located at 910 Fairvilla Road in Orlando. In recognition of their dedication to the program, Amscot will stand as the own miniature building within the city. The ribbon cutting ceremony for that building is slated for October 12, 2018, at 11am. Several legislators including Orlando Mayor Dyer and Orange County Sheriff Demings have already been invited to attend.

“Our company is honored to achieve the support of Amscot Financial while we both are focused on making our communities the safest spot for children in Central Florida,” says Executive Director Brent Moore.

The Village features from street signs to railroad tracks to traffic lights – all designed as teaching tools to avoid childhood injuries and fatalities. While most of the buildings are meant for visual purposes, one building was created having a functional interior in order to run a house fire simulation. Moore states that “active learning coupled with multi-level experiences” is the Village’s founding educational philosophy.

Widely known because of its free bike helmet program, Amscot Financial has always been a supporter of child safety. Actually, Amscot plans to donate a lot more than 12,000 bike helmets across 19 Florida counties later this month.

“We think Children’s Safety Village is an excellent program,” says Ian MacKechnie, founder and CEO of Amscot Financial. “Kids learn best when they’re fully engaged as well as the pure creativity with this program will definitely open plenty of young minds regarding how to be secure in different situations.”

The Children’s Safety Village offers several safety programs for kids ages 4-12 providing kids with a realistic method of recognizing safety hazards present in their everyday routine. Programs include: Bicycle and Helmet Safety, Pedestrian Safety, Water Safety, Fire Safety and Prevention, Dangerous Person Awareness, Internet Safety, Poison Prevention and 9-1-1 For Youngsters. All meet Florida Next Generation Standards. Amscot’s support from the Children’s Safety Village extends through financial classes taught to dqonzz each summer as well. Those who wish to discover more can do so online.

Headquartered in Tampa, Fla., Amscot Financial is actually a leading provider of convenient, consumer-oriented financial services, including cash advances, check cashing, bill payment, money transfers, prepaid access cards and money orders. Amscot Financial currently operates 236 retail financial service centers throughout Florida and employs near to 2,000 associates. Amscot Financial continues to be identified by the Tampa Bay Business Journal among Tampa Bay’s The best places to Work for 5 years (2008-2012) & was recently named as one of Americas’ Best Midsize Employers by Forbes.